Whether you’re looking to learn a particular style of dance or are just looking to have some fun with the benefits of keeping fit, Bliss Dancers is the ideal dance school you should be part of.

We run over 10 classes a week in three different venues in the Vale of Glamorgan.

You’ll have the opportunity to perform at various showcases (we do two a year) and other events in and around South Wales with the prospect of meeting some great like-minded friends to do what you like to do best, DANCE!

Why Choose Us?

  • Learn the latest dance techniques and routines
  • Improve coordination, flexibility and fitness
  • Meet new friends and have fun
  • Be part of a social community
  • Enjoy plenty of extra social events
  • Work hard to be part of a competition team
  • Perform on stage 


Bliss Dancers is led by Laura Barnes, a trained dancer in tap and modern jazz who started her dancing career at the age of two. Laura has a lot of experience under her dancing feet from the number of performances she has been a part of locally, nationally and throughout Europe.

So if you like a sassy, sleek yet elegant style of dance then come to a Bliss Dancers class and decide for yourself if it’s for you.


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