Monthly Direct Debit:

In order to pay for fees; we have a monthly Direct Debit at £15.00 per month for the infants class and £18.00 per month for all other classes (all other classes are longer classes plus this includes 4 x 4 hour rehearsals per year).  

These payments are for 12 months of the year as they include rehearsal payments and also, you receive three summer classes for free.  This is also the same for competition class; we do not run summer comp classes, but we have split the payment over 12 months to keep it cheaper each month.

If the Direct Debit is cancelled at any time; we will not allow you to go back onto the Direct Debit; you either sign up for the full 12 months or stick to pay as you go sorry.

Payments are taken on the 1st of each month; in order to set these up then please click on the link:

Once you complete your details; I will set the monthly payment up in our plan.

**Please note that you are welcome to pay weekly at £4 for infants and £5 all other ages. The DD option is cheaper as I am trying to get as many as possible on DD to streamline my admin.

If you do have more than one student with us; we do offer a 10% discount.  For example two juniors would be £36 per month but with the 10% discount, it is £32.40.

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