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Bliss Infants (ages 3-7)

1 x infants class per week 

Bliss One per week
(ages 8+)


1 Bliss class per week per person

Bliss Two per week
(ages 8+)


2 Bliss classes per week per person

Paying by Direct Debit is a cheaper and easier way to pay for the students fees.  Monthly payment's are taken by Direct Debit so you don't have to worry.

The Direct Debit amount includes online videos so they can practice at home. t here is a version with the mujsic and a talk through also.


  • hassle free just turn up to class;

  • not having to look for the class fee each week;

  • access to online sessions - videos to practice with steps broken down

  • access to all previous dances to practice

**Please be aware; the date you sign up will be near to your future monthly payment date.  The Direct Debit is set up and the payment will be taken within 3 days of set up.  Please consider this when you set up in order to create the preferred payment date for you**

These payments are for 12 months of payments.  You will receive access to online videos to practice with throughout the year.  You cannot cancel your payment in August as this covers the normal classes throughout the year., just divided by 12 months as it's easier  The summer classes are given to Direct Debit users for free as a thank you and are not included in the monthly payment.

If the Direct Debit is cancelled at any time; we will not allow you to go back onto the Direct Debit; you either sign up for the full 12 months or stick to pay as you go sorry.

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